First Class Agistment

Over 30 years of experience in the horse industry as Trainer, int. coach and Breeder.

Sagamore Horses Training and Agistment Centre is located south east from Perth, 25min from CBE, 10 min fromTonkin and Kwinana Highway

Full board agistment includes

  • Big Individual reticulated green paddock during the day and stabled in the evenings (Avalon Stables) with automatic water system
  • 2 x tailored hard feeds a day plus oaten and meadow hay twice a day or as required
  • Vitamins
  • Rugs on and off  as needed.
  • Full use of all facilities

Facilities include:

  • Dressage Arena fully fenced and lettered
  • Show-Jumping Place with quality Show-Jumping Equipment
  • Round yard with Post and Rail Fencing
  • Tack room & Storage room
  • Hot & cold indoor wash bays
  • Track around 10acres