Training Philosophy

“Coming across, and have ridden, so many horses with various abilities and problems, during my career and competed at the highest levels in both dressage and Show jumping definetly gives one an advantage when it comes to train / teach horses and rider.”
Alfred Fitzi

We take horses for training, if you are having problems or just want to further your horses education, now is the time to do it.

The six elements of dressage training

Takt, Losgelassenheit, Anlehnung, Schwung, Geraderichten, und Versammlung

Takt= Rhythm and Regularity
Losgelassenheit = Freedom, Relaxation, Willingness
Anlehnung= Contact, Acceptance of the Bit

Schwung= Impulsion
Geraderichten= Straightness
Versammlung= Collection

So as to ultimately achieve:

Durchlässigkeit = Thoroughness, Suppleness, Harmony, and Confidence.